Piano Playtime

Fun. Creative. Affordable. Convenient.

Ages K- 5th

Molly Howard, Piano Playtime, 617-999-8794

Piano Lessons are Fun! Piano Playtime offers a unique music education experience using peer group motivation and a playfulapproach to teach children the piano. The program reaches younger children on their level using an age-appropriate curriculum and color coded system, workbooks, songs, props, and improvisation to keep them engaged. Children respond with delight to this method! Lessons for older students include traditional studies of notation, theory, and staff music, which is easily transferable to other instruments. This approach gives students a solid foundation of musical knowledge while balancing these concepts with a lighthearted, exciting tone to keep their attention. Piano Playtime's group dynamic and peer response make piano a memorable and fun experience! Group lessons are half an hour and have no more than three students per class which is the lowest student teacher ratio available in this setting. The lessons will be conveniently located at CASP on Thursday afternoons. Children K - 5th grade are welcome to participate. Tuition is $320 plus a one-time $25 registration fee for new students. This covers 16 lessons from 9/19 through 1/23. Please contact Molly to register or for more information.