• Tuesdays (3-5th grade)

  • 8 Weeks: September 17-November 5

  • 3-4pm

  • Cost: $200

Stix4Chix, LLC is a small organization that teaches elementary students how to play field hockey and lacrosse. Debra (the companies founder) is a former collegiate field hockey and lacrosse player and began this business with the mindset of spreading love for the game. Stix4Chix is known as the clinic that teaches athletes the fundamentals of the sports, giving them the knowledge to move forward with the game as they get older with the basic skills needed to feel confident in their ability. This fall Stix4Chix, LLC would like to offer co-ed field hockey for students in grades 3-5.

The program will be run once a week for an hour over an 8 week period. Athletes will learn the fundamentals of field hockey; dribbling, passing, game play strategy, positions, defensive blocks/jabs, etc. Deb will be the coach of the program and will work closely with athletes so they can knowledge and confidence in the game.

Sticks will be provided, but shin guards and mouth guards are required. Proper shoes (sneakers or cleats) are also required.